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Jim DeGrado

Since founding CDI in 1994, Jim has had experience in every one of CDI's service offerings.  He has created a corporate culture that combines excellence in execution with industry innovation.

"By focusing on innovation, we're able to provide our clients with the latest in techniques, processes and technologies, and to offer cost effective solutions."  Jim DeGrado

CDI regularly participates in field testing of new products with manufacturers, government agencies and private industry.  The company has been involved with various product approvals through state Departments of Transportation, counties, the BLM and other regulatory agencies.  Jim has personally been involved with many of the case studies CDI has worked on.  In fact, Jim takes an active role in all aspects of the company, ensuring consistency in approach and quality results for its client base.  

Jim is a native of Colorado, and graduated from CSU.  He and his family live in the Denver metro area.