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Watersaver containment solutions are utilized by many different entities; from industrial containment of chemicals to decorative aquascapes along the strip in  Las Vegas, Watersaver has the capability and capacity to meet project needs.


Virtually every community faces the challenge of containing and treating its wastewater to prevent seepage into our finite ground water supplies.  Control of seepage was a primary reason for Watersaver’s inception over sixty years ago.  Watersaver provides wastewater lagoon liners that help protect the environment from harmful seepage of wastewater into drinking water supplies.

The three most common non-crystalline geomembranes used in the industry are Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene (CSPE), and Polypropylene (PP).  All possess excellent long term...

Oil & Gas / Industrial Containment

State and federal regulation have generated a wide range of containment requirements.  Watersaver assembles proven geomembranes using three seaming methods: chemical fusion, dielectic and thermal fusion. We are able to utilize the method that best suits each type of material and specific containment need. No one specific geomembrane fits every containment application; that is why Watersaver stocks a wide breadth of liners that have successfully served both private industry and public sector needs.

Oil & Gas

Watersaver offers containment solutions for the oil and gas industry....

Golf Course / Decorative Ponds

Servicing the aquascape and golf course market requires superior fabrication and installation capabilities. With large panel fabrication, Watersaver custom designs your geomembrane liner system – sometimes requiring no field seams. All of Watersaver’s materials will work in an aquascape application. Contact us to determine which is best for your project.

The most challenging aspect of an aquascape installation isn’t the placement of large panels,but rather the field-fabrication of the small accessories. We custom make all of them in climate-controlled factory conditions: pipe...

Reservoirs, Covers & Canals

Watersaver’s new and proven methods of containment and water storage have captured global attention. Our reservoir and water storage liners help manage distribution of our most precious resource – water.

Our product line services all industries, ranging from potable drinking water reservoirs to irrigation lakes. 

Floating Covers
A floating cover is a buoyant structure installed over the surface of a fluid.  There are several reasons for covering an installation with a flexible membrane liner, including:
• Prevent entry of foreign substances: debris, airborne dusts and solids,...

Landfill Closures

Watersaver liners are utilized as containment measures for Landfills and wastewater, to comply with regulations that protect surface water and groundwater sources from contaminants.

Watersaver geomembrane liners have been in service for over 40 years.  With new regulations imposed on waste disposal, our industry has seen increasing pressure to meet more stringent US EPA Standards.  Watersaver’s landfill cap liners have excellent chemical compatibility, superior puncture resistance (due to multi-axial elongation,) and will not suffer from the effects of Environmental Stress...

Fish Hatcheries / Aquaculture

Aquaculture, including fish hatcheries and algae, is a growing industry. Pond and lake liners, Floating covers and baffles are all important components of a successful operation. Given the high sensitivity of aquatic life, it is essential that the right geosynthetic products are utilized; Watersaver’s staff offers decades of experience and can help you choose the right Liner to build and maintain facilities.

Irrigation / Agriculture

Watersaver began as by serving the agriculture industry in northern Colorado, innovating preservation of irrigation water.  The use of geosynthetics in the agricultural industry has grown through the decades, with ever-improving methods for protecting against seepage and erosion during water transport through irrigation channels and ditches.  Additionally, the increasingly regulated management of solid and liquid waste is made easier and more cost effective with Watersaver liners and covers for feedlots, manure lagoons andseveral  other agricultural uses.