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Golf Course / Decorative Ponds

Servicing the aquascape and golf course market requires superior fabrication and installation capabilities. With large panel fabrication, Watersaver custom designs your geomembrane liner system – sometimes requiring no field seams. All of Watersaver’s materials will work in an aquascape application. Contact us to determine which is best for your project.

The most challenging aspect of an aquascape installation isn’t the placement of large panels,but rather the field-fabrication of the small accessories. We custom make all of them in climate-controlled factory conditions: pipe seals, tank liners, sump/drop-in liners, inside/outside corners, berm vents etc. The quality of our accessories is unsurpassed.

From the nation's premier resorts (Las Vegas Mirage Hotel) to the toughest 18-holes in the Unites States (Lake Las Vegas) to historic reflecting ponds (Washington Monument), Watersaver has lined prestigous aquascapes and ponds with the most reliable geomembranes in the industry.