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Oil & Gas / Industrial Containment

State and federal regulation have generated a wide range of containment requirements.  Watersaver assembles proven geomembranes using three seaming methods: chemical fusion, dielectic and thermal fusion. We are able to utilize the method that best suits each type of material and specific containment need. No one specific geomembrane fits every containment application; that is why Watersaver stocks a wide breadth of liners that have successfully served both private industry and public sector needs.

Oil & Gas

Watersaver offers containment solutions for the oil and gas industry. Our geomembrane liners help keep sites in compliance with regulations.

  • Above Ground Tank Liners
  • Rig Liner Systems
  • Frac Pond Liners
  • Evaporative and Brine Ponds
  • Geomembrane Baffles


Secondary Containment

Impermeable geomembranes are excellent product sources for secondary containment plans as required by the US Environmental Protection Agency’s SPCC (Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure) regulation. 

Our portable, custom secondary contaiment systems will meet your requirements.  Our team of experts can help decide which geomembrane, size and other factors will meet your site needs.


Heap leach pads, tailing impoundments, firewater ponds and solution storage ponds have all been successfully lined with Watersaver geomembranes for over five decades.  Many projects today demand a long design-life.  Additionally, the mining industry requires a liner have strong chemical resistance and the ability to handle extreme loads over rough sub-grades.  Watersaver stocks a wide breadth of product that meets these needs.  Contact us to review the best product for your project.