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Landfill Closures

Watersaver liners are utilized as containment measures for Landfills and wastewater, to comply with regulations that protect surface water and groundwater sources from contaminants.

Watersaver geomembrane liners have been in service for over 40 years.  With new regulations imposed on waste disposal, our industry has seen increasing pressure to meet more stringent US EPA Standards.  Watersaver’s landfill cap liners have excellent chemical compatibility, superior puncture resistance (due to multi-axial elongation,) and will not suffer from the effects of Environmental Stress Cracking.

PVC/ Polyvinyl Chloride Landfill Caps:
PVC liners have been successfully installed in thousands of landfill cell/cap applications since the late 1960’s.  Spanning the United States and foreign countries, PVC has earned the reputation for providing proven results at significantly lower costs than comparable high density geomembranes.  A 20 year, pro-rata weathering warranty product.

RLLDPE/ Reinforced Linear-Low Density Polyethylene Landfill Caps:
RLLDPE is used in daily cover applications and final closure plans.  RLLDPE has high tensile strength, high puncture resistance and excellent UV-resistance; making this a low-cost, high-performance alternative. 15 year, pro-rata weathering warranty product.

CSPE/ Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene Landfill Caps:
CSPE, also known as DuPont’s HYPALON® , is scrim reinforced for added strength and contains UV inhibitors for exposed situations. 10-year, pro-rata weathering warranty product.

PP/ Polypropylene Landfill Caps:
PP is an option that offers the benefits multi-axial elongation and UV stability for exposed applications.  PP, with its excellent chemical resistance, wide heat seaming window and optional scrim reinforcement, is fast earning its place in the landfill cell/cap industry.  20-year, pro-rate weathering warranty product.

XR-5 Landfill Caps:
XR-5 is used in the solid waste industry, where the “outer-limits” of geomembrane’s performance characteristics are reached.  XR-5 has high tensile strength, high puncture resistance and the widest range of chemical compatibility of the Watersaver product line.  10-year, pro-rata weathering warranty product.