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Reservoirs, Covers & Canals

Watersaver’s new and proven methods of containment and water storage have captured global attention. Our reservoir and water storage liners help manage distribution of our most precious resource – water.

Our product line services all industries, ranging from potable drinking water reservoirs to irrigation lakes. 

Floating Covers
A floating cover is a buoyant structure installed over the surface of a fluid.  There are several reasons for covering an installation with a flexible membrane liner, including:
• Prevent entry of foreign substances: debris, airborne dusts and solids, excrement
• Security: prevent accidental entry, prevent malicious damage or contamination, isolate pollutants from the environment
• Reduce chemical use: avoid dissipation of chlorine or other treated chemicals
• Collection of gas: for control, for recovery
• Reduce evaporative losses: water; stored chemicals; volatile wastes and gasses
• Aesthetics: blend a storage facility into its surroundings
• Regulatory compliance

A variety of materials have been developed for floating covers.  In the past, floating covers were primarily constructed of steel or fiberglass.  More recently, the availability of light-weight, plastic-based fabrics has made low-cost flexible membranes a practical alternative.