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Apr 19, 2012

CDI Watersaver Acquisition

CDI, a leading western region reclamation and environmental contracting services company, has acquired Watersaver Company Inc; the oldest, most experienced geomembrane liner fabricator in the United States.

" We are extremely excited about this acquisition.  Watersaver's sixty  (60) years of industry experience in the geomembrane fabrication arena will enable CDI to provide a complete, vertically-integrated liner solution to our mountain region reclamation and containment customers," said Jim DeGrado, President of CDI.  "This acquisition fits perfectly into our company's long-term vision.  Watersaver will continue to supply the industry's highest-quality fabricated geomembranes to its current national, and international, independent installer network out of the Commerce City location."


CDI is a Colorado company specializing in reclamation, erosion control, environmental construction and landscaping founded in 1994.  With over two hundred employees, CDI offers complete contracting services to a wide variety of industries, including: mining, oil and gas,  pipeline construction, land development, wastewater management, wetland construction, recreation markets and more.
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