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Watersaver Company is your containment solutions-source.  We offer pioneering water and energy conservation technologies for a wide variety of projects.

• We fabricate a variety of flexible Geomembrane Liners
• We have successfully fabricated over 1.8 billion square feet of geomembrane lining systems since our inception in 1953
• Our products have a proven track record in over fifty industries, throughout the world

CAD Detail
Watersaver’s decades of experience have given us the tools required to provide our customers with a wide variety of detailed project and specification drawings.  To request a project consultation and drawing, CONTACT US.


Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

• Excellent Seamability
• Broad Chemical Resistance
• Chemical or Hot Air/Wedge Fusion Compatible
• Available in Large Panels (over ½ acre, in black only)
• Over 40 years of industry experience with no major formulation changes
• Must be Buried with Site Soils
• Stock: 20mil-60mil

Polypropylene Reinforced (RPP)

• Excellent Chemical Resistance
• Superior Weathering Properties/ UV-resistant
• Low Co-efficiencies of Thermal Expansion and Contraction
• Available in Black, White or Tan
• NSF-Certified for Potable Water Containment
• Over 15 years of Industry Experience
• Stock: Reinforced Material- 36mil, 45 mil, 60 mil

Woven Coated Polyethylene (wc PE)

• Excellent Puncture/Burst Resistance
• High Chemical Resistance
• Strong UV Stability and Weathering Properties
• Available in Large Panels (up to ¾ acre in size, in black only)
• Stock: 24 mil, 30 mil

Reinforced Polyethylene (RPE)

• Outstanding Tear Resistance/Puncture Strength
• UV-Stable/ Excellent Weathering Properties
• Dimensionally Stable
• Excellent Flexibility
• Chemically Resistant
• Stock: 30 mil

XR-5 High Performance Reinforced Geomembrane (EIA)

• Impressive Dimensional Stability/Tensile Strength/ Puncture Resistance
• Maintains Flexibility in a Variety of Climates
• Specifically Formulated for Inertness to Chemically- aggressive Waste Streams
• Not Susceptible to Environmental Stress Cracking
• Maximum Panel Size: 13,000 sq ft
• Stock: 30 mil, 40 mil

Other Specialty Membranes

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM)

For additional information, please visit the Watersaver Technical Library


More Information in the Watersaver Technical Library: 

Other Specialty Membrance in Stock.  Call for types and availability: 1.800.525.2424 or CONTACT US at sales@watersaver.com