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Geotextiles & Geogrids


Watersaver provides civil and environmental nonwoven geotextiles with excellent dimensional stability. Watersaver provided geotextile products are resistant to ultraviolet deterioration, rotting, biological degradation and naturally encountered basics and acids.

Geotextiles can be utilized for separation and filtration. Non-woven, woven and high strength fabrics are all available.


Watersaver provided geogrid products increase efficiency and minimize maintenance on roads, entrances, laydown areas and Oil & Gas pad sites. By utilizing BX geogrids, reduction in aggregate thickness can be achieved. Engineering is available for aggregate reduction.

Geogrid Applications and Benefits

The following are the main applications where biaxial geogrid are used:

Unpaved roads and Temporary Working Surfaces

The required thickness of an unpaved road or working surface is principally a function of the traffic intensity it experiences (magnitude of axle load, number of vehicle passes, etc.) and the shear strength of the underlying subgrade – more intense traffic and weaker subgrades requires thicker aggregate layers.

For a given set of design conditions, the use of a biaxial geogrid reduces the required aggregate thickness by up to 60%. This results in:
• Initial cost savings typically in the range of 40-50%.
• Faster construction.
• More environmentally friendly or “greener” construction methods – 20 to 40% reduction in the carbon emissions associated with the road construction.

Conventional and Heavy-duty Pavements

The same principles apply for both flexible and rigid pavements which incorporate a granular layer within the main pavement structure. Biaxial geogrids are typically used to provide one of the following benefits:
• Optimize the pavement section to provide maximum initial cost savings – typically 10-20%
• Keep an existing pavement design but “beef it up” with a geogrid to extend its design life – typically 2- to 6-fold.