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Liners / Geomembranes

There are hundreds of different applications that require a liner system; consequently there are a myriad of geomembrane choices to meet those containment challenges.

Watersaver carries a wide product line to provide the correct liner for specific project needs.

When selecting a liner, each characteristic must be analyzed prior to deciding which type to Specify. One of the first steps in deciding which product to use is UV exposure. The option of combining two different materials in one application is commonplace, and made possible by Watersaver’s proprietary factory seaming process to ensure a quality seam every time.

This technique helps maximize the cost efficiencies of your project by combing two dissimilar membranes for maximum containment. For example, joining an ultra-violet stable liner for slope Protection to a non-UV liner on the covered bottom. Our team of experts have decades of Experience, and can assist you in specifying the best liner for your project.

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

• Excellent Seamability
• Broad Chemical Resistance
• Chemical or Hot Air/Wedge Fusion Compatible
• Available in Large Panels (over ½ acre, in black only)
• Over 40 years of industry experience with no major formulation changes
• Must be Buried with Site Soils
• Stock: 20mil-60mil

Polypropylene Reinforced (RPP)

• Excellent Chemical Resistance
• Superior Weathering Properties/ UV-resistant
• Low Co-efficiencies of Thermal Expansion and Contraction
• Available in Black, White or Tan
• NSF-Certified for Potable Water Containment
• Over 15 years of Industry Experience
• Stock: Reinforced Material- 36mil, 45 mil, 60 mil

Woven Coated Polyethylene (wc PE)

• Excellent Puncture/Burst Resistance
• High Chemical Resistance
• Strong UV Stability and Weathering Properties
• Available in Large Panels (up to ¾ acre in size, in black only)
• Stock: 24 mil, 30 mil

Reinforced Polyethylene (RPE)

• Outstanding Tear Resistance/Puncture Strength
• UV-Stable/ Excellent Weathering Properties
• Dimensionally Stable
• Excellent Flexibility
• Chemically Resistant
• Stock: 30 mil

XR-5 High Performance Reinforced Geomembrane (EIA)

• Impressive Dimensional Stability/Tensile Strength/ Puncture Resistance
• Maintains Flexibility in a Variety of Climates
• Specifically Formulated for Inertness to Chemically- aggressive Waste Streams
• Not Susceptible to Environmental Stress Cracking
• Maximum Panel Size: 13,000 sq ft
• Stock: 30 mil, 40 mil

Other Specialty Membranes

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM)

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More Information in the Watersaver Technical Library: 

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